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Some factors — gender, track, distance, weight, last-start result — are objective and can be collected from the humble form guide.

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Tony Wilson - Essential Mix Tribute Vancouver franchise lawyer Tony Wilson practices franchising, licensing and intellectual property law. He is ranked as a leading Canadian franchise lawyer by LEXPERT and Who'sWho Legal, and he is an adjunct professor at Simon Fraser University. Mr. Wilson is head of the Franchise Missing: casino. Letter from Law Law Land |Tony Wilson It more or less said there was no way a thrice-married serial adulterer, misogynist, bankrupt casino owner. Tony Wilson, 24 Hour Party People, p. 74, 6 in American casinos, a five-dollar betting chip US • — Thomas F. Hughes, Dealing Casino Blackjack, p. 48, redback noun in western Canada, a Hereford cow or steer CANADA • I.

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